Questions and Answers

What is the benefit of raw honey?


Raw honey is honey (nectar from flowers) that is pure, unheated, unpasteurized and unprocessed. This is perhaps one of the most important characteristics and health benefits of the final product, as it preserves all the natural vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients and other nutritional elements.

What does it mean raw honey?

Raw honey is the most original sweet liquid that honeybees produce from the concentrated nectar of flowers. Collected straight from the extractor; it is totally unheated, unpasteurized, unprocessed honey.

How do you store raw honey?

Store your jar of raw honey away from direct sunlight. Inside a kitchen cabinet or pantry is ideal. Store raw honey in a cool environment that, ideally, maintains temperatures between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Avoid storing the honey near appliances that produce heat, like your stove, oven or refrigerator.

 What are the health benefits of honey?

Health Benefits:
  • Helps prevent cancer and heart disease
  • Reduces ulcers and other gastrointestinal disorders
  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal
  • Increases athletic performance
  • Reduces cough and throat irritation
  • Balances the 5 elements
  • Helps regulate blood sugar
  • Heals wounds and burns